5 Fun Facts about ONLY LOVE

  1. ONLY LOVE is the first book I’ve ever written in three voices! I usually have a hero POV and a heroine POV, but this time around I added a third one for a character that’s stealing readers’ hearts left and right–Grams! She’s Stella’s 92-year-old grandmother, and when she gets to know the handsome, quiet former Marine next door, she’s convinced that her beloved (and newly single) therapist granddaughter is just what he needs! And she’ll stop at nothing to get them together. Her POV was a joy to write and I hope it will have you laughing at loud!
  2. ONLY LOVE is set in a fictitious small town way up in Michigan’s gorgeous, picturesque Leelenau Peninsula. There is no Hadley Harbor in real life, but it’s based loosely on Sutton’s Bay. Ryan works at Cloverleigh Farms, which is an inn, a winery, and wedding venue (loosely based on Michigan’s Blackstar Farms). It’s also the setting for my next series, which begins in February 2019 with IRRESISTIBLE!
  3. There is a wedding at the end of ONLY LOVE (not Ryan and Stella’s), and it takes place at Abelard Vineyards, which is in the same area of Michigan. That is the winery owned and run by Mia and Lucas Fournier (from FRENCHED), and you’ll see Mia as well as Skylar Pryce (from SOME SORT OF HAPPY)! Whose wedding is it? You’ll have to read it to see!
  4. In ONLY LOVE, you’ll meet Ryan’s Marine buddy Mack, who got him the job at Cloverleigh and is going though some tough times of his own. I hope you fall in love with him as well, because he’s the first Harlow hero of 2019 in IRRESISTIBLE! I wasn’t really planning on writing his book next but I fell hard for the hot, humble, and hilarious dad of three young girls. I hope readers are as anxious as I am to see him get his HEA!
  5. ONLY LOVE is dedicated to my grandparents, and you can find photos of all four of them at the start of the book. I also wrote them into the story! Grams is sort of a blend of both my grandmothers and my 93-year-old mother-in-law, whom I love dearly. The stories Grams tells Stella are all based on my family history!


  1. This book made me cry and laugh so hard. I loved all three books about the sisters. Plan on reading Mia’s and Coco’s stories plus now I must read Mack’s story. Great books

  2. I just finished the series, have been a subscriber for years, and I’ve read pretty much all your books! Love them all! I wanted to find out about the bonus scenes/epilogues mentioned at the end of only him & only love. Never got them and would love to read them!!

  3. I’ve been reading all of Melanie Harlow’s books during this summer of 2020. It’s so easy to get lost in the stories and forget about what is going on in the world for awhile. They are so enjoyable and mind clearing.

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