The Bellamy Creek Families

The Bellamy Creek Series is centered around four guy friends who grew up playing baseball together in their small town. They’re 33 when this series begins. Each friend has his own book: mechanic and former Marine Griffin (DRIVE ME WILD, #1); cop and widowed single dad Cole (MAKE ME YOURS, #2); builder Enzo Moretti (CALL ME CRAZY, #3); and former Wall Street exec turned cowboy Beckett (TIE ME DOWN, #4).

Bellamy Creek is a fictional town on the west coast of Michigan and was somewhat inspired by the town of Saugatuck. (I did not realize there is a Bellamy Creek correctional facility somewhere in Michigan… oops!)

SPOILER ALERT… The descriptions below are based on the FINAL scene in the series, which is a bonus scene set 15 years in the future, when the guys are 48 years old. You can find that scene here.

Griffin and Blair Dempsey (DRIVE ME WILD)

Children: Hank (14) and Charlotte (10)

Cole and Cheyenne (MAKE ME YOURS)

Children: Mariah* (24), Marabel (13), and Roan (10)

Mariah and her fiancé, Chip Carswell, appear in IGNITE, the first book in the next generation Cloverleigh Farms Series. You can read a bonus scene tying the two series together here!

Enzo and Bianca Moretti (CALL ME CRAZY)

Children: Alex and Natalia (14), Rocco (11), Emilia (9), Carlo (7), Adam (6), Becca (4)

Beckett and Maddie Weaver (TIE ME DOWN)

Children: Elliott (21), Lily (13), Brendan (9)