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Flapper Friday — Gatsby Style (It’s the Cat’s Meow)

Introducing Flapper Friday!

Since SPEAK EASY is set in 1923, I’m dedicating (most) Fridays in the near future to all things flavored with roaring twenties–fashion, cocktails, music, movies, books…Jazz Age thrills in a modern world.

So how perfect is it that today is the release day for Baz Luhrmann’s THE GREAT GATSBY?!

As a retro culture junkie and a word nerd, this pleases me greatly. YES, I know that Luhrmann spiked the Fitzgerald punch with a pint of JAY Z and crusty literary types are harrumphing about it. YES, I know that the costumes are not exactly historically accurate. (Click here for an awesome article in the Atlantic by 20s fashion expert Dierdre Clemente about why it doesn’t matter.)

Who cares? As Clemente says, Lurhmann’s Gatsby is  “darker, grittier, and much sexier than the priggish Fitzgerald could have imagined. It’s a 21st century Gatsby, set in the 1920s, which, paradoxically, ups its connection to the decadent period it depicts.” 

Darker? Grittier? Sexier?

Serve. It. Up.

If you’re like me, you will be obsessing over the fashions in the film. Those beaded dresses! The headbands! The jewelry! The three-piece suits! The cloches! The bow ties!

I must have them. If you must as well, here are some suggestions…

The Dresses
Check out this Pinterest board by Linda De Clario, who designed a collection of beaded flapper dresses. Here’s an example:

Stunning! And it comes in other colors too. Click here for her website.

The Headbands
Stay away from costumey feathers and try beads (or sequins if you must get glittery). 

Click here to for the Etsy Shop!
Click here for the Etsy Shop!

The Jewelry
Look for cool art deco shapes! I adore these two bracelets from jewelNINJAS.
The Agatha Bracelet
Kimmy Bracelet in Tangerine

And don’t forget the men. Brooks Brothers has entire Gatsby Collection. Here’s a taste…

And if you really want to splurge, get yourself a pair of art deco-inspired heels by Chrissie Morris.

Can’t afford them? Me either. But perhaps we could treat ourselves to an art deco manicure.

Cheers, all you beautiful little fools. Here’s to repeating the past, our way.

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