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woman wearing black corset and pearls and holding a gun against retro background

Chapter One Friday, July 13th, 1923 The woman approached me at the counter, keeping her eyes low. “A quart of maple syrup,” she said, her voice hushed. I didn’t recognize her. “What kind?” “Canadian.” Clutching her purse to her stomach, she peeked at me from beneath the brim of her hat. “What are you making?” […]

Charlie said nothing at first. But his stillness told me he was intrigued. A lovely little ache blossomed between my legs. “You like some things dirty. Is that what you’re saying?” “Yes,” I whispered, butterflies rioting in my belly. “I’m not sure you do.” “Try me.” Slowly, he came off the counter. Bracing my hands […]


This is a great day for me. Despite the insanity of the past week (cat burglar, I would like to poke your eyeballs with an actual fork), and barring any other disasters, FORKED will be available today for $2.99 at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Scribd and Page Foundry. FRENCHED and YANKED, books 1 […]